Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for S . . . ???

     For whatever reason, this was the hardest blog post to pen. Maybe it’s because there are so many “S” words that important to me right now.

     I could start with my first name, but moving on from there . . . My first fiction book contract came to me for Streetwalker, from an editor Sascha Illyvich at Sizzler Editions. It’s the first book in the “Sex Sellsseries. And I had my culinary mystery series contracted, too.

     Okay. That makes sense.

     Or maybe it is that I have more friends named “Sandy” than any other single name. And each of the Sandy’s is a dear friend and has contributed to me being where I am emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. I could do a whole post on the Sandy’s and what they mean to me.

     When I think where I am in life, I am satisfied but not complacent; surprised but not shocked. I’ve worked hard to get published, and to learn about marketing and business plans and all that other stuff that professional writers need to know these days.

     I could have selected story for my “s” word today. After all, that’s what I do. I scribble down the stories that batter at me. They’re everywhere, surrounding me with their situations demanding sanctuary in my tickler files.

     I have more stamina and strength, now, one year out from my stroke. I believe my current state is due to my sedulous nature leading me to snatch my life back from sickness. I am very grateful for all the support I had to do that.

     And today is Sunday!

     I think I just finished this blog post for tomorrow! Is there one letter in your life with multiple associations, a letter that saturates your world?


  1. Well, my first name begins w/M, so that letter means something special to me. Strangely, "J" shapes keeping appearing to my tired eyes, have done for a couple of years now. Wonder what, if anything, that means...
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. LOL, Mina! I know there's a slight "hook" to male equipment, but a "J" sounds serious!

  2. Very clever post! I love word play. My son's name begins with "S" so I'm pretty partial to that one, and I guess we get attached to our own initials in some ways as we grow older, so I do have a soft spot for "C", but I quite like M and R for some reason and sometimes J. I find myself turning to those letters when I need character names and having to then stop myself because I need variety there, not patterns or alliteration. :-)

    1. I love word play, too, Catherine! I agree about character names. I'll look them over and be appalled I've named everyone in the book with a J! lol I wonder why that happens. Unlike some authors, I let my characters name themselves. I don't go hunting for the deep meanings of names when I create them. Every once in a while, I have to step in and re-name someone (I give them a chance to do it first, however.), but only if there are too many of a letter or they just don't respond to the name. Are we authors weird or what???