Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Interview

An interview with Harlan Ledbetter, hero in Streetwalker, published by Sizzler Editions, 2013.

Me:                  Welcome, Harlan, to “Romance Righter”. You’ve had quite a busy
winter and spring, getting ready for publication, haven’t you?

Harlan:          Yes, Angelica. It has been busy. Thanks for having me today.

Me:                   I just did a post yesterday for the letter H, Harlan. It didn’t stand
for your name, but it might have. I wrote yesterday about hunks.

Harlan:         Ha ha! (scrubbing at his short dark hair). That’s funny, Angelica. I
never saw myself that way.

Me:                  Seriously? You absolutely would be considered a hunk by many.
Tall, spare. Cocoa skin and eyes, short curly hair. You’re fit and
all about staying healthy. What’s that really about?

Harlan:          Everyone should be concerned about maintaining a fit body, fueled
by healthful foods, Angelica. You get maximum performance that
way. And I do like to perform. (chuckles)

Me:                  (Laughing) Well, I guess when your “girls” work as hard as they do,
that makes some sense. So how did a guy like you end up as the
male madam in a whorehouse?

Harlan:         I don’t really see myself or my business establishment like that. So
cheap, isn’t it? Cachonda is not cheap. Our clientele, among the richest and most powerful in New York City, seek only to relax and relieve stress as a small break from their high-profile careers.

Me:                  So you’re in the service industry--so to speak.

Harlan:         So to speak.

Me:                  Answer the question asked. How did you end up owning a pleasure
palace? On the Upper East Side, no less?

Harlan:         I was a gyno guy, and very good at what I did. I started specialty work in sexual dysfunction, and the medical profession took exception to my methods, so I, ah, pursued another line of work.

Me:                  Ah! So being close to female parts is important to you?

Harlan:         Nay. Dare I say, essential?

Me:          (Lauging) Okey dokey! I guess folks will just have to get the details in Streetwalker, soon to be released by Sizzler Editions. Thanks for coming (so to speak) by today!

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