Monday, November 18, 2013

"5 Types of Women Men Go For" and other Internet Articles

I can’t help myself. The fact that you clicked on this link to read this blog means you’re just like me. Admit it.

The Internet is rife with articles about how to interview, how to know if he’s really into you, what it means when she wears certain clothes. I’m hooked. Cannot resist collecting these things.

But, I have an excuse. Several in fact. I write blogs about relationship sorts of stuff. I tweet daily (@RomanceRighter), and I maintain my Angelica French Facebook posts. Oh, and I write erotic romances. So that’s why I collect this stuff. I use it!

One article I’ve been hoarding for a while is “5 Types of Women Guys Go For” ( How could I not have been drawn to it?

In this article, you are given character sketches--for free--of women to include in your stories! How cool is that? I mean, think about it. You read the description and come up with some questions about plot lines and BINGO! A book!

Let’s try one. But first, here are the five types:
Type #1: The older woman
Type #2: The woman who’s “just one of the guys”
Type #3: The free spirit
Type #4: The intellectual
Type #5: The seductress

Here’s my process:
Remember I’m into Crone Lit. Old rules!

So, Type #1: The older woman is described as a sophisticate who’s been places, seen things, and done lots more. She knows who she is and what she wants. She can act as a mentor to both younger men and women helping them gain perspective on life. Being desirable isn’t an age but a way of being. A man needs to find ways to please a woman who isn’t looking to start a family.

After listing the traits from the article, I generate questions for me to answer:
What has she accomplished? What are her goals at this time of life?
Is she looking for love? What gives her the greatest satisfaction?

For conflicts, I can contrast her with male or female characters who are opposite her goals and accomplishments.

Then to the what-ifs:
What if a woman who just lost her husband and son met a man on a cruise who looked like her son but acted the opposite?
What if this guy is oblivious to her curiosity about him?
What if he is attracted to a younger woman who is so wrong for him and the older woman wants to save him?
What if in the process of distracting him they discover a mutual interest?
And so on.

After that, list your ten key events and build out to 35-40 scenes from them. 

Your turn! How would you exploit the remaining four types? Comments?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Carrie's Top Ten Sex Tips

So how does Carrie keep Harlan’s interest? After all, this guy LOVES having sex often in varied ways with various partners. Can he maintain the monogamy he promised to try at the end of STREETWALKER?

Here’s how Carrie plans to ensure that he does.

Carrie’s Top Ten Sex Tips

10. Think sex before having sex. It gets the juices going.

9. Talk dirty in your partner’s ear while s/he loads the dishwasher.

8. Don’t just not say “no” to sex; initiate a romp, and often.

7. Put naughty notes in a lunch bag for a real “happy hour” after work.

6. Rent a XXX movie and act it out while it plays.

5. Pretend sleep, but display yourself as an invitation to follow “up” on.

4. Wake him as a “midnight rider” and straddle him until he bucks back.

3. Boot the TV out of the bedroom.

2. Leave a note sending her to a bar. Pick her up & get it on in a motel room.

And Carrie’s #1 Sex Tip for a healthy, happy sex life . . .

1. Laugh with your partner in bed, not at him/her. Humor signals good sex.

What are your tips? Please share in the comments section so all of us have happier, healthier sex lives!