Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hunk

What makes a man a hunk? One dictionary defines it as “a sexually attractive man, especially a large, strong one”. Romance novels are chuck full of them. I mean, would anyone have been interested in the Clark Kent story?

Hello! It’s the Superman persona that brought him to our attention. Without Superman, Clark Kent is, well, like many guys we all know. Nice guys who rarely are appreciated because they go unnoticed. Nothing special distinguishes one from another.

I have noticed the esacalation of hunkiness as the social media systems become endemic. Daily Facebook pictures of “hunks”, muscles rippling, hands gripping, pop up on my screen with nothing to warn a girl to put down her coffee first.

There they are. Just letting it all (well, all but all) hang out. They challenge you with that stare the pierces you right down to your, umm, nether parts. A shift in chair position, and you’re ready to continue.

What is especially interesting to me is how some guys have parlayed “hunk” into a career. I guess Fabio, back in the day, was the first guy I noticed who flaunted his sexuality and made mainstream money doing so when so many others were crouched on dirty beds with a hand held camera filming their gymnastics. Fabio went flagrantly public and made his living in ads and on book covers.

He wasn’t to my taste. Maybe not hunky enough with blond hair longer than mine. I go for dark, short hair myself. I never got why girls want a guy in a ponytail, but then to each her own!

These days, hunks show a lot more than Fabio ever did, and they, too, are known names in certain circles. Jimmy Thomas is a name--or rather a body--that is swoon-making. He’s a certified, by 5000 cover images, Hunk.


  1. To tell the honest truth, my definition of a hunk comes more from a man's actions. If he's chivalrous, selfless, and humble, he's a complete hottie. It's my experience that too many people with a "face" (erm, or body) have an ego that trumps all else.

  2. Well, me, too! If you've read other posts here, you know I value substance over superficialities. But the general public likes that Jimmy Thomas look, so he (and his ilk) are employed a lot! When gals go for glam, they might just get what they sought rather than what they need. Thanks for coming by. I hope to hear from you again.