Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blast from the Past: Writing Erotic Folk/Fairy Tales for Fun and Profit

Because I am tied up with NaNoWriMo all month, I decided to re-run one of my popular past posts. Enjoy! FYI, my word count is ahead of schedule! Yay!

You might be surprised to learn there is a whole cadre of writers of erotic folk and fairy tales. It’s sort of like the old Rocky and Bullwinkle TV show’s “Fractured Fairy Tales” taken up a few notches.

I mean, really, just think what you could do with plot line like Sleeping Beauty. Horny young prince comes upon sleeping maiden. (How does he know, by the way--whether she’s a maiden? After all, once you know for sure, then she isn’t!) What to do, what to do? He takes liberties, of course. And she awakens gladly into his arms. Riiiight! Not in real life. She’d be ticked off. And then the fun begins.

Then there’s the matter of Snow White (sure she is) living with seven guys. Cozy, eh? Sounds like a case of nymphomania, to me. Wonder if she likes it in ménage or if she just takes them on one at a time? Does she give each Dwarf his own day or does she have favorites she pops more than once a week? And how about the “equipment”? I’ve heard--never had direct experiences--that the dwarves weren’t dwarf everywhere.

If you like your folk tales spicy hot, check Annie Eppa, A. Violet End, Selena Kitt, Cerys du Lys, Adriana Hunter, Elizabeth Black, Nadia Wilde and others. It is a field that just keeps attracting more and more erotica writers.

How can I resist? I’ve always loved folk tale variants, so here is the start of one of my erotic folk tale books. When I finish it, you’ll know!

Angelica French


    Prince Wolfe leaned his back against the headboard and pulled Nana to his chest. His fingers trailed down her arm and her shiver rubbed her nipples deeper into him. She watched his eyes as she moved again, pressing into his hardness.
    “Whoa, Girl!” Prince held her back. “Let a guy rest, will ya? Damn. I thought I scratched that itch. You’re one hot woman, you know that? But if you want to play some more . . .”
    He pushed her head lower, and shifted himself so she could find what she looked for.
    “Rinnnnggg. Rinnnnggg.”
    Nana looked up, annoyed at the interruption. “Damn phone.” Nana leaned across Prince, draping her breasts on his legs. “Hello?”
    She listened to the response. She mouthed “my daughter” to Prince as she looked over her shoulder. She pushed herself upright, and held the phone close to her mouth and gave a big cough. “No, Honey. It’s not really better. I told you before, I don’t think we should get together tonight. I’d better rest. I’m in bed now.”
    Prince smirked as he reached over and tweaked a nipple.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blast from the Past: "5 Types of Women Men Go For" and Other Internet Articles

Because I am tied up with NaNoWriMo all month, I decided to re-run one of my popular past posts. Enjoy! FYI, my word count is ahead of schedule! Yay!

I can’t help myself. The fact that you clicked on this link to read this blog means you’re just like me. Admit it.

The Internet is rife with articles about how to interview, how to know if he’s really into you, what it means when she wears certain clothes. I’m hooked. Cannot resist collecting these things.

But, I have an excuse. Several in fact. I write blogs about relationship sorts of stuff. I tweet daily (@RomanceRighter), and I maintain my Angelica French Facebook posts. Oh, and I write erotic romances. So that’s why I collect this stuff. I use it!

One article I’ve been hoarding for a while is “5 Types of Women Guys Go For” (http://bit.ly/10TlGdT). How could I not have been drawn to it?

In this article, you are given character sketches--for free--of women to include in your stories! How cool is that? I mean, think about it. You read the description and come up with some questions about plot lines and BINGO! A book!

Let’s try one. But first, here are the five types:
Type #1: The older woman
Type #2: The woman who’s “just one of the guys”
Type #3: The free spirit
Type #4: The intellectual
Type #5: The seductress

Here’s my process:
Remember I’m into Crone Lit. Old rules!

So, Type #1: The older woman is described as a sophisticate who’s been places, seen things, and done lots more. She knows who she is and what she wants. She can act as a mentor to both younger men and women helping them gain perspective on life. Being desirable isn’t an age but a way of being. A man needs to find ways to please a woman who isn’t looking to start a family.

After listing the traits from the article, I generate questions for me to answer:
What has she accomplished? What are her goals at this time of life?
Is she looking for love? What gives her the greatest satisfaction?

For conflicts, I can contrast her with male or female characters who are opposite her goals and accomplishments.

Then to the what-ifs:
What if a woman who just lost her husband and son met a man on a cruise who looked like her son but acted the opposite?
What if this guy is oblivious to her curiosity about him?
What if he is attracted to a younger woman who is so wrong for him and the older woman wants to save him?
What if in the process of distracting him they discover a mutual interest?
And so on.

After that, list your ten key events and build out to 35-40 scenes from them. 

Your turn! How would you exploit the remaining four types? Comments?

Saturday, November 1, 2014


It all began after a book signing, the “Authorpalooza”, at Melanie Tighe’s Dog Eared Pages in Scottsdale, AZ earlier this year.

Three of us had dinner and the idea of taking some popular song lyrics as inspiration for romance stories came up. We brainstormed how wonderful that could be. An anthology of writers would create short stories either using characters in our books or as complete stand alones.

I signed up! And now we have the product to share. The title of our anthology, SAY SOMETHING, comes from A Great Big World’s song of the same title. Listen to it and imagine your own story. As the seven authors listened to the lyrics, they got inspired to write seven very different tales.

Today I am sharing our book cover with you. In a couple of weeks, I’ll talk about the authors and stories included between the covers. Available for purchase on December 1, 2014

Jennifer’s Secret - Virginia Nelson

Behind the Scenes - Morgan Kearns

A Nordic Knight in Henry’s Court ~ Part One – Kris Tualla

Angel Rising - Deena Remiel

Meant to Be - Camelia Miron Skiba

Moving On - April London

Why Not Ask? - Angelica French