Carrie's Top Ten Sex Tips

Carrie's Top Ten Sex Tips

10. Think sex before having sex. It gets the juices going.

9. Talk dirty in your partner’s ear while s/he loads the dishwasher.

8. Don’t just not say “no” to sex; initiate a romp, and often.

7. Put naughty notes in a lunch bag for a real “happy hour” after work.

6. Rent a XXX movie and act it out while it plays.

5. Pretend sleep, but display yourself as an invitation to follow “up” on.

4. Wake him as a “midnight rider” and straddle him until he bucks back.

3. Boot the TV out of the bedroom.

2. Leave a note sending her to a bar. Pick her up & get it on in a motel room.

And Carrie’s #1 Sex Tip for a healthy, happy sex life . . .

1. Laugh with your partner in bed, not at him/her. Humor signals good sex.

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