Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Relationships

     One of my dictionary sources ( gives four definitions for “relationship.”  The noun, in a general sense means “a connection, association, or involvement.” That’s pretty broad and it encompasses the remaining three definitions of “relationships” which are a blood/marriage, emotional, or sexual connection/association/involvement. The term came into being in the mid 1700’s.

     I began this blog, naming it “Romance Righter” for two major reasons: 1) blatant self-promotion for my romance novels (truth in advertising!) and 2) because I’ve always been told that I can see with clarity into interactions among people. Lots of folks have asked for my advice and insights. Never shy, I gladly give my opinions! This blog provides a forum for that as does Twitter where I am @RomanceRighter.

     I enjoy people, and I am a happy camper myself. I wish for others to have that stability in relationships that allow me to flourish--not just survive--not just be happy. But my life with family and friends encourages me to flourish.

     I wrote about flourish earlier this month, so you know that’s important to me.

     I see so many people settling for less in relationships than they deserve for a variety of reasons--fear of loneliness, fear of never being loved, fear that they don’t deserve happiness, fear of the other person, and any number of other negative reasons to keep someone close to them.

     Baloney! I hope through this column and @RomanceRighter to help others see they should grab for stable relationships that are mutually beneficial.

     Thus the quiz yesterday. Sure it was meant for fun. Mostly. But if you found yourself with a bunch of “yes” responses, I hope you examine your relationship in light of the patterns you saw. What areas do you need to work on? When is it time to call it quits instead of throwing good energy after bad?

     Everyone deserves healthy relationships in their lives--family, friends, lovers. It doesn’t matter. If yours aren’t healthy, divest yourself of the negative ones and search for the positive ones.

     Look for a relationship with someone who makes you better than you were, makes you feel better about yourself. And someone for whom you do the same.

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