Monday, September 10, 2012

Weird Sex Laws

I don’t know about you, but if two consenting adults want to engage in kinky sex or unkinky sex, it’s not my business. So why is the government--local, state, and federal--making laws? Get outta my bedroom!

There are websites out there that sniff out weird sex laws (posted at end) that you have just got to check out. Here’s a sample:

*Bestiality is okay in Utah as long as there’s no money involved. (If you did pay, who would get the cash?)

*Women can go topless in Arizona since breasts aren’t sex parts. (Just don’t try to breastfeed in public. That is sinful in most places.)

*You can’t have stand-up sex in a meat freezer in Wyoming. (So, can you sit or lie down instead?)

*You can’t climax during foreplay before your partner does in California. (Wow! Busted! I mean if the foreplay is good, it’s gooood.)

*No sex toys allowed in Alabama. (Only bought ones or can’t you make your own either?)

*Women can’t wear patent leather shoes in Cleveland, OH. (Are those Catholic school girl stories true???)

*You are not allowed to masturbate while watching people have car sex in Clinton, OK. (Gee, sounds like it would be hard to resist with the right peep show going on.)

Don’t even think about having sex, in Idaho, if the two of you aren’t married or be prepared to pony up $300 or spend six months in jail. (Wow, talk about a way to fill jail cells.)

The lesson of today’s blog is BE CAREFUL (even more than Mom said). Check out your locale before any hanky panky. Be safe!

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