Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weird Sex Facts--Part 1

In my continuing efforts to provide you with information, I went searching for weird stuff you may not know about sexual matters. Wow! Now that is an interesting hunt! Oh, and the number of spam e-mails offering to enhance body parts I do not own have skyrocketed. What I do for you people!

Anyway, here’s some stuff I found interesting. I’ll do more of these next blog and sometime down the road. The world of sex is fascinating!

1/3 to 2/5 of women report orgasms lasting 30-60 seconds.

It takes 116 muscles to orgasm.

Average male orgasm, 3-5 seconds.

Average female orgasm, 5-8 seconds.

The record for the most female orgasms in one hour: 134.

The record for most ejaculatory orgasms in one hour: 16

Percentage of people who orgasm every time they have sex: Men, 75%; Women, 29%

10% of women report being multi-orgasmic.

While the average guy can have another orgasm after 30 minutes, that varies by age. The average for 18-year-olds is 15 minutes and 60-year-olds is 20 hours.

26% of women have trouble regularly reaching orgasm vs. 2.5% of men.

On average, men can sustain an erection for 30-45 minutes.

70-80% of erectile dysfunction is caused by medical problems rather than psychological.

Frequent erections provide the penis with oxygen-rich blood. Without that, a tough tissue forms that can interfere with blood flow. Spontaneous erections while awake or asleep may be nature’s way of ensuring the blood flow.

73% of seventy-year-old men are able to get it up.

15% of people say they’ve had sex at work.

For every “regular” web page, there are five pornography pages.

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