Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Book Waitress: A Review

Do you like your paranormals sprinkled with romance. Well, this is your author.  Deena Remiel just keeps getting better and better. You might know her from her Brethren series. Those “mangels” of hers are like no angels you’ve met!

In Remiel’s newest offering, The Book Waitress, Camille is one kick-ass librarian by the end of the book. Can’t wait to see her in books two and three (coming out soon), Devil du Jour and Demon ala Mode.

Not to spoil the story for you, but Camille finds herself a reluctant librarian in a small island’s library. At sixes and sevens in her personal life, she doesn’t like the disruption of a forced job change as well. But, of course, where would the story go if she’d been all giddy about the opportunity? Woulda been a different book!

When her past collides with her present, Camille faces challenges none of us could imagine--or survive. This paranormal suspense has plenty of twists and turns. And it doesn’t hurt that Camille partners with a hunky investigator to save not just her life, but the world.

Check out The Book Waitress for a quick (only 100 pages) jolting ride into the world as it may become. Is this “the end of the world as we know it”?

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