Monday, April 24, 2017

Personality Quirks: T is for Truculent

A truculent character has a short fuse. Heesh is quick to argue and fight. Heesh might even be aggressively argumentative or defiant. Truculent characters can be mercurial and unpredictable when you don’t know what shis triggers are.

Truculent is from the Latin truculentous meaning ‘fierce’.

Your truculent character could be very good at hiding shis temperament so that when heesh goes off on a tirade, verbal or physical your other characters might be taken aback. What if your protag unsuspectingly married a truculent person, one who concealed shis innate personality very well. Would heesh seek joint or individual counseling? Could the marriage arguments escalate to murder? What if the protag murdered the truculent one? Would anyone believe it was self-defense when no one ever saw the signs?

Or the truculent person could be the protag who lives next door to an eternally, and infernally, cheerful person who won’t let your protag live a life of truculence? Does heesh succeed in turning the truculence to a sweeter nature once the source of the truculence is dealt with?

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