Monday, April 17, 2017

Personality Quirks: M is for Metagrobolize

A multitude of M traits. A plethora of possibilities. Veritable riches. What to choose? What to choose? Metagrobolized is being puzzled or mystified, confounded and is often used in a humorous sense.

The word comes to us through Middle French from the Greek for ‘vain’ and Latin for ‘to sift, examine closely.’ 

A metagrobolized character might be the comic relief in your novel. The perpetually confused older neighbor who makes the neighbors laugh with shis crazy antics as heesh tries to make sense of shis world by trying to figure out things in the wrong way.

Or possibly, your character might be a ditzy woman who is more body than brain and thus often taken advantage of. I’d play that one serious, and show how the world too often is unkind to those working with less natural intellect. Show her redeeming herself by revealing other talents people didn’t realize she had because all they saw was the metagrobolization of her character.

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