Friday, October 25, 2013

Sex for Sale, Book Two in the "Sex Sells" Trilogy

I have been working on my erotic romance, Sex for Sale (tentative title), the sequel to Streetwalker. It will be the second book of the trilogy, “Sex Sells”. My plan is to have it off to my editor, Sascha Illyvich at Sizzler Editions before the clock tolls a new year.

I am finding it hard to limit this book. I want so much to happen to set up Book 3, but I know I am being unrealistic. I should just bite the bullet (Do you love the cliché, Sascha?) and move a bunch of stuff to book three. Or not?

Here are the 10 key events for Sex for Sale. Please chime in if you have ideas for other complications/characters/plot lines. The more the merrier (Just for you, Sascha)!

1) Carrie and Harlan have settled into a conjugal-sans-legal commitment, new for both of them.

2) Carrie’s mother shows up and Carrie deals with her baggage from childhood.

3) Harlan has withdrawn more and more from the whore house business to focus on his photography, a talent Carrie encouraged him to develop, but Carrie resents having to carry (!) the business on her own.

4) Carrie develops new products and new delivery modes which Harlan tries to squelch. They include DikMilch, a skin cream made from cum; art gallery with a restaurant with prurient foods; on-line services while clearing out the in-house services, etc.

5) Bored and feeling neglected, Carrie takes up with a fellow who is an undercover Vice cop. She inadvertently implicates Harlan and herself in criminal activity.

6) Laurel comes back into their lives. She tries to snare Harlan but is rejected after an aborted sexual encounter. She turns to the D.A. and makes a plea bargain deal that implicates Harlan but clears her.

7) Laurel engages in risky sex play leading to her death; Harlan is a major

8) Harlan is arrested. His mother is gravely ill. His sister tells him to come clean to mom about his work so he can move on with his life and resolve his commitment and sexual issues.

9) Harlan is cleared of Laurel’s death.

10) Carrie wants more than Harlan does from their relationship, but he is inching toward marriage. Meanwhile, Carrie and Harlan recommit to their relationship and turn to legal ways to make money using sex. They sell their brownstones and buy a condo overlooking Central Park.

Would you read a story like this? What’s missing? Do you believe a sex addict and a prostitute can make a go of it? Stay tuned!

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