Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Cover for Streetwalker

I just got this last night, and I am so excited. I am grateful for all the work of my editor, Sascha Illyvich, for Sizzler Editions (an imprint of Renaissance E Books), and my publisher, Jean Marie Stine.

Here is the cover for the first book in my "Sex Sells" trilogy. Streetwalker is coming out late this week and will be available on Amazon for your Kindle.

Carrie is a smart woman with a dark past and more than her share of heartache. Determined to retire early from hands-on sex work, she uses her skills as an exhibitionist to bargain for partial ownership of a high-end, brownstone bordello in New York City with the erudite, handsome and powerful Harlan Ledbetter.
But even though she's only 22, Carrie's already been in her line of work far too long. Besides the fact that sex has been little more than Work for most of her adult life, Carrie also has to contend with painful memories of abuse at the hands of her stepbrother. Could sexuality ever truly belong to her? Could it ever become something she would want?
Harlan, meanwhile, certainly wants more than a business partnership with this stunning woman – and the feeling may be mutual, if Carrie can let herself want him as much as she fears she does. But she has a long way to go before she can give her heart and body to a man willingly. How will she get there? If there's one thing Carrie has learned, it's how to negotiate. She has a feeling this skill will come in handy with Harlan in more ways than one.
Carrie approaches Harlan with a unique business proposal – one that offers more than just a way to run their bordello, but a whole new outlook on life, sexuality and love. Intrigued, he takes her on...
Streetwalker is Part One of Angelica French's exciting new "Sex Sells" trilogy.

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