Saturday, May 25, 2013

Deep into Edits

I got it! My editor, Sascha Illyvich at Sizzler Editions, sent me edited manuscript for Streetwalker.

My turn now to work on it again. It feels so real now that this is happening. Which is not to say it's easy.

I knew there were two scenes that could cause me trouble. Turns out there were three.

One scene is a retelling of sexual abuse over years of an underage character. That one might fly, since it's a retelling, but the editors will have the final word on it. I consider it critical to defining who the character is and why she did what she did. Can I salvage the intent and lose the explicit descriptions? I don't know. I am still pondering how I'd do it. The horror needs to show through.

Another scene, bestiality, I knew would get bounced. I'm okay with that. I was prepared for it, so I am re-writing it with an auto-eroticism scene featuring Ben Wa balls, two-entry dildo, butt plug, and Sybian saddle. That should do it, plus it is always more fun (for me) to create than to edit.

The third scene was a surprise no-go. Or rather, it needs modification. Who knew rape and torture were no-no's in erotic romance? Sigh. That one can be fixed with an earlier entry (so to speak!) from the hero onto the scene. I think it will lose it's punch, but, hey! Editor, I will do whatever you want!

I did the easy stuff first, word/sentence-level changes. So off to work some more magic so you will have a chance to read Streetwalker sooner rather than later.

Come back for the cover reveal and an excerpt from Streetwalker to get you interested in Carrie and Harlan's story.


  1. The rape/torture thing is actually a squick factor for me, but to be honest, I think the caliber of writer in this genre who can pull it off will come out in your rewrites and I for one am looking forward to them.

    The thing readers have to remember about editors like me is I'm both an editor and an author, (author first) but when someone else is fronting the money, how can we (you me and my author self) make the best bang for our buck while maintaining the integrity of the story. Do the best you can and we'll nurture this so it's your best first release with us.

    Looking forward to it hon!

    1. I was just telling DH that you have already made this a stronger piece and we're not even done. I am grateful that the edits get to my vision of the story and are not you writing my book. I've had that happen with non-fiction, and I didn't like it! So, Sascha, thanks so much. I think I get the "as" thing, too!

  2. Once you have been edited by Sascha your writing will be forever changed. He's blunt, but boy do you learn. I have him to thank for taking my writing to the next level!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kim, and commenting. You are right. I am just starting this process, and I can tell that I have already learned so much. Far to go, however. Maybe by the third book in the series I won't need an editor. Nah! That'll never happen! LOL