Saturday, November 1, 2014


It all began after a book signing, the “Authorpalooza”, at Melanie Tighe’s Dog Eared Pages in Scottsdale, AZ earlier this year.

Three of us had dinner and the idea of taking some popular song lyrics as inspiration for romance stories came up. We brainstormed how wonderful that could be. An anthology of writers would create short stories either using characters in our books or as complete stand alones.

I signed up! And now we have the product to share. The title of our anthology, SAY SOMETHING, comes from A Great Big World’s song of the same title. Listen to it and imagine your own story. As the seven authors listened to the lyrics, they got inspired to write seven very different tales.

Today I am sharing our book cover with you. In a couple of weeks, I’ll talk about the authors and stories included between the covers. Available for purchase on December 1, 2014

Jennifer’s Secret - Virginia Nelson

Behind the Scenes - Morgan Kearns

A Nordic Knight in Henry’s Court ~ Part One – Kris Tualla

Angel Rising - Deena Remiel

Meant to Be - Camelia Miron Skiba

Moving On - April London

Why Not Ask? - Angelica French

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