Saturday, February 8, 2014


I posted an article on another blog explaining to authors what I was doing to help build readership and reader loyalty to my brand, Murders with Taste. (Clever, eh, for a culinary mystery series?) The same advice and info applies to my erotic romance series, “Sex Sells”.

Authors need to consider creating book club kits for their readers who might select their book for a club option. I believe a marketing plan needs to include a full tool belt of various outreach efforts. The article for that piece is:

I posted here the entire kit in case someone wants to download pieces of it. I tried to think what I would like in a book club kit. I want to know something about the book, the author, and what others think of the book. So that’s there.

 Additionally, if I were in charge of the book club meeting, I would appreciate some discussion suggestions and ideas about how to handle potential issues that arise. So, I put in my two cents worth.

Apart from that I decided to give “value-added” by including additional pieces I had not seen in book club kits I checked out.

I want to connect with my readers. I think that is the prime motivator of any author. We want our words to touch others, and we want to hear about the impact. To that end, I included ways to contact me via social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, I gave opportunities to connect through Skype.

Another piece that is often found at the back of historical fiction novels is what the author investigated while writing the book. I included what I learned about prostitution as well as information about sex addiction (hypersexuality). Fascinating stuff! And that’s just some of the research. Authors research locales and news events of note for their period.

It occurred to me readers who find Streetwalker interesting might like to know of other authors of the genre, so I put a few names in.

But the real value added is Carrie’s Top Ten Sex Tips. I included these on the back of my business card, too, to keep folks from tossing it!

Take a scroll through the Streetwalker Book Club Kit included in the list of pages for this blog. Let me know what you think.

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